Weekly Weight Loss Week 27

This week I lost 1.5lbs! Not the 2lbs goal I was aiming for but it's still 1.5lb off!

I think I knew I was going to be 1/2lb off -- every time I have a major goal, I'm 1/2lb off.

What I Did This Week

I tracked. I tracked every little thing that I ate. I usually have a takeaway at the weekend and decide that's my weekly propoints used but I found out this weekend that it isn't the case -- I usually only use half of the points that I think I do!

I have found that I have to eat all my propoints if I want to lose weight. I don't mind since it means that I get to eat everything that I want but my slower weight loss has been because I've been overestimating my points too much!

What Will I Do This Week

This week is going to be a relatively difficult one. It's my sister's 21st and I'm staying at my parents for a couple of days. I don't tend to eat well when I'm at my parents and my sister is having a buffet so I've really got to track everything and really think about the food I eat and the drinks I have.

I am looking after Kathryn the whole time though so I'll have a great excuse of not being able to drink to make sure she's okay. I may even have to leave early because she's too tired to enjoy the night. We'll see...

I'm not going to stop myself from having fun but I really want to lose weight (and I'm 2.5lbs away from my next silver seven) so I'm going to be as good as I can.

How is your weight loss going? I hope it's going as well as mine. If it isn't, feel free to share your annoyance and disappointment.


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