Tips for Getting Nutrition While Dieting

Get nutrition while dieting simply

Nutrition is essential. Your body needs a range of vitamins and minerals to work perfectly. For example, iron is needed to make sure the oxygen passes around the system and calcium is needed for strong bones and healthy teeth.

While dieting, it can be difficult to make sure the body gets the right nutrition. It’s almost impossible on crash diets so please avoid them!

When on a healthy eating plan, you will lose weight by eating well. There’s no need to cut any food groups out or only eat certain coloured foods. Here are tips to make sure you get the right nutrition while dieting.

Eat Plenty of Fruit and Vegetables

Most of the nutrients you need come from vegetables and fruit so eat plenty of them. You should get at least five a day and they are great for snacks.

Fresh is the best, but frozen, dried and cooked are all great ways to make sure you get the variety in your diet and keep the nutrition levels up at the same time.

Take a couple of Satsumas to work with you or a tub of raisins to beat the 11am and 3pm snack attacks. You will feel healthier for it and help yourself lose weight!

Dark leafy greens are the best for the nutrients, especially calcium and iron.

Drink Plenty of Water

Another important factor to make sure you get enough nutrients is to stay hydrated. That doesn’t mean you have to keep drinking pints of water – you can get it from tea and coffee, juices and even the fruit you eat!

The body needs water to survive. The kidneys use it to detoxify the system and the metabolism needs it to keep working at its optimum potential.

If you are thirsty, you may feel hungry so drink a glass of water before you start snacking or eating.

Eat Lean Meat

Yes, protein is good for you. There are some diets that tell you to skip it for some reason but I really can’t understand why.

The body breaks down protein slowly. This helps to keep you feeling satisfied for longer while preventing spikes in the blood sugar levels.

Lean meat is a great source of protein, although it isn’t the only one! Eggs, lentils and dark leafy greens are other excellent sources. You should also consider skinless poultry and fish for the nutrients they can offer.

Eat Enough Calories

One of the worst things that you can do is starve yourself. Yes, you need to eat fewer calories than you burn but that doesn’t have to be by a lot. Just 500 calories is about two pounds and all you need to reduce your intake to in ONE WEEK!

That’s right, one WEEK.

If you don’t eat enough calories, you don’t get the nutrition that your body needs. You don’t help the metabolism keep going.

Ever wondered why you put the weight on after crash dieting? It’s because you didn’t eat enough.

You’re treating the symptoms and not the cause, so to speak. You’re dealing with the temporary problem of having too much fat but you’re not helping yourself change your eating habits and keep it off forever.

As your metabolism slows down, your body can’t handle as much food as it used to. You will find that it needs fewer calories on a daily basis because it thinks that that is all it’s going to get!

Please stick to healthy nutrition when losing weight. It’s not difficult and you can do it by following the four steps above. You can get nutrition while dieting. Good luck!

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