Take Control and Lose Weight with BBQs

Take control this summer. Image by artur84/freedigitalphotos.net

The summer is almost here and it finally feels like it with the weather! The summer is BBQ season and can be hell on the diet. While it’s the healthiest form of cooking, it’s all the extras that make it hard!

But you don’t need to worry! There are tips that you can use to help you stay on track.

Host the BBQ!

The easiest way to take control is to host the party. If you don’t have the space in your own garden, you could do a joint party with friends or find somewhere to host it.

By taking control of the food, you can control the type of meat you buy, the side dishes and even the desserts you offer.

When you buy food for the BBQ, opt for lean meats and make everything from scratch. There’s no need to buy the burgers from the supermarket, buy some lamb mince and mix with mint or sage to create your own burgers. You can also use turkey or beef mince to suit your tastes.

Kebabs are another great option, especially since you can fill them with vegetables around pieces of meat. Spray them with some lemon or glaze with honey for a delicious and sweet but low-fat taste.

Offer to Bring Some Food

You know how difficult it can be to make enough food for everyone. If you can’t host the BBQ, offer to bring food with you.

This gives you more control over the calories in certain options, such as potato salad or desserts. It’s not rude – you’ll be surprised by how many hosts appreciate you helping them out.

Use this to your advantage to create something tasty but low in calories. You may want to make it before you arrive but there could be the option to make something there, such as salsa dips and coleslaw.

Do Some Activity

BBQs are outside and a great time to get some activity in. Avoid sitting down and drinking, stand up to socialise and move around as much as possible.

You could even set up some games, if you have the space. A football, frisbee or even rounders set are great options to entertain people and give something for everyone to do.

The activity will help to break up the day and give people something to do while waiting for the food to cook. It keeps the kids entertained and means you can eat a little more than if you didn’t do anything.

BBQs don’t have to be hard. Have some fun and take some control. You’ll soon find that there was nothing to worry about and you will still lose weight while enjoying yourself.


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