Ideas to Improve Your Weight Loss Motivation

What do you do when you lose weight loss motivation?

No matter how excited you were to start with, part way through your weight loss journey you will lose motivation. It could be when something happens in your personal life or because you hit a plateau. The trick is to not let that stumbling block permanently hinder your weight loss efforts.

You need to improve your weight loss motivation. It is possible – I’ve done it in the past and so have countless other men and women around the world.

Here are my five ideas to help improve your weight loss motivation.

Look Back Over Your Journey

If it has taken some time to get to where you are now, take a look back over your weight loss journey. You did document it, right?

I have the figures and a graph of my weight loss, along with a few photos here and there. It doesn’t matter what your form of documentation is, it will help you see how far you’ve come and increase your motivation.

Even if you haven’t been losing weight for long, this is a beneficial way to up your motivation levels so you get to where you want to be.

Pull Out Your Before Pictures

I find that the negatives really help to fuel my motivation so when it’s lacking, I will pull out the old photos and remind myself why I’m on this journey.

Have a look through yours or pull out the old clothes that you no longer wear. Think back to the way you felt while that size and any medical issues that you had. While it might not spur you on to lose more weight, it will definitely stop you from putting it back on!

I like to take photos along the way so I can look at the different stages instead of just at the before photos. That way I can see how far I’ve come while reminding myself where I don’t want to be.

When Weight Loss Motivation Lacks Dream About the Future

Take a few minutes to think about where you want to be. It doesn’t matter if you just want to tone your stomach or still have a few stone to go. There’s always room for dreaming.

This is great for your weight loss motivation because it helps you remember why you are doing this. Sometimes the positives help to override the negative emotions of no motivation to get you back on track.

Some people have photos of where they used to be and want to be again. Others have a dress or pair of trousers that they want to fit back into. I have a few dresses that I want to fit back into to help me dream for the future.

Take Your Body Measurements

If you’re not seeing the results on the scales, you may see the results in other places. Take this time to measure your body – your waist, your hips and your chest at least – to see if they are smaller than when you started.

Most of the time you will find that your body has gotten smaller but the scales aren’t telling you that. If you have tried to increase your weight loss efforts or done extra exercise, you may find that your body is holding onto some fat temporarily but it has changed shape for the better.

If you don’t take your body measurements, pull out the clothes that you want to fit into. You may find that you are a step closer to fitting into them. Every month I would try on my pre-pregnancy jeans to see if I fit into them and always saw some change – whether it was finally fastening the button although not fitting comfortably or being able to sit down in them.

Read Success Stories to Improve Your Own Weight Loss Motivation

This is especially beneficial if you follow a certain plan. On Weight Watchers, there is a lot of support in the magazines and online. There are success stories on a daily and weekly basis.

These success stories are really helpful to see that it really works and you can lose weight. I especially love reading the ones where people have lost 5st or more to see that you can lose the weight and keep it off for the future.

When you find that your own motivation is lacking, take the time to read some of the success stories online. You’ll find that others lost weight loss motivation along the way but have ways to overcome it. They also show that it really can be done and you can get the body of your dreams.

So, those are my five ideas to improve your motivation. It will lack at times and there are a lot of factors that affect it. Don’t let it get you down. Pick yourself up and take the steps to get back on your weight loss journey.

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