Weight Training for Weight Loss

Why is weight training good for weight loss? Image by KetuGajjar

It is worth setting up a weight training programme to help with your weight loss journey. While the best type of exercise to lose weight is cardiovascular, weight training is also beneficial. It will help to tone and build muscle while losing weight, which helps the body to burn fat calories instead of the ones stored in the muscles.

Speed Up Your Metabolism

Adding weight training will help to speed up your metabolism and help to burn calories, even when you aren’t exercising. It is a great way to lose weight quicker than just relying on a healthy diet and cardiovascular exercises.

Build Up Muscle

One problem with losing weight is that the body will take calories from the easiest places. The calories stored in the muscle are much easier than calories stored in the fat, so the body will go for those first. This is why people who lose weight quickly start to look like skeletons. Weight training will help to build the muscle, which avoids the skeletal look.

Women worry about piling on muscle and looking like a bodybuilder. Want the good news? That isn’t likely to happen. A woman’s body isn’t able to produce the amount of testosterone naturally to create large amounts of muscle. The weight training will simply help with toning and promoting fat loss.

Other Reasons to Include Weight Training

Weight training will also help with improving bone mass, increase your flexibility and your energy levels. Not only will you lose weight quicker but you will be healthier and feel great too. However, before you start looking into weight training, you should talk to your doctor.

Weight training is a great way to help your weight loss and improve your health. However, it will not help if it is the only thing you do. You will need to incorporate it with a healthy eating plan and exercise to make sure that you create a calorie deficit.


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