Tips to Curb Boredom Eating

Curb your boredom eating. Image by rob_rob2001
Boredom eating is one of the most common reasons for putting on weight. To be able to lose weight quickly, you need to curb the habit of eating because you are bored. Here are some ideas to help with curbing this habit and get back on track with your weight loss.

Get Moving

When you get bored, instead of eating, get on your feet and start moving. Go for a jog around the block, put on a fitness DVD for in the house or work run up and down the stairs. By doing exercise, you will feel better for it as the brain releases the happy chemicals that you need. You will also feel like doing more exercise as you realise how much better you feel. On top of that, you will lose more weight because you will burn calories instead of eating them!

Get Into a Hobby

This is the perfect time to find a hobby. It doesn’t need to involve exercise, as long as you enjoy it and it takes you away from the eating. Some ideas include photography, writing and dancing. Take your time to think about the things that you have always wanted to do but never thought you had the time for – doing something will take your mind off the fact that you think you are hungry.

Read a Book

When we get bored, it is common to turn on the TV, flick through the channels and munch on some biscuits. Instead of turning the TV on, pick up a book. This will help to keep you entertained since it will help you tell a story in your head. By keeping your brain busy, you will not be bored and will not want to comfort eat.

Go Round to a Friend’s

Sometimes all we need is comfort so call a friend and go for a visit. You may both decide that you want to go out somewhere or just sit in and talk. However, the problem with this is if your friend has biscuits and cakes. Be strong enough to say no to the snacks and just have a cup of tea.

Have a Long Hot Soak

When you get bored and are at home, take the time to have a long relaxing soak. This will give your muscles the change to really relax and will take your mind off the fact that you want to eat something. I tend to have a book, some candles and incense burning when I have a bath so I can really enjoy the relaxation. Take a glass of water with you to make sure you don’t get dehydrated while in the hot room.

Drink a Glass of Water

There are high chances that you are not really hungry but you could be thirsty. Before you even think about reaching for the snacks, grab a glass of water. This will also give you something to do, which helps to curb the need for boredom eating.

You do not need to sabotage your diet just because you are bored. Take the time to look at the above steps and find something that works for you. Mix and match them to your heart’s content; one thing may work one day but you need something else for another day.


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