Weight Loss Week 4

My fourth week on Weight Watchers and I managed to lose 2.5lbs. That was a big surprise when I jumped on the scales as, by the end of last week, I would have been happy to stay the same! This 2.5lb weight loss has taken my total weight loss to 8lbs so far and meant that I received my first Silver 7 - my first target. I am now just 2.5lbs away from my 5% goal, which I should gain over the next two weeks.

What Did I Do Differently?

Surprisingly, this week I ate a lot more than the week before. I used up almost all my pro-points - I ended up with 9 weekly pro-points left by the end of the week! This was a major change to the week before, when I hardly touched my weekly pro-points. It showed to me that maybe eating the whole amount isn't so bad after all!

I also allowed myself to have takeaways and chocolate. I had an Indian takeaway, a McDonalds and a Subway within the week. I tracked everything that I ate to make sure that I didn't go over my points.

What About Exercise?

Unfortunately, I still haven't managed to get a routine with my partner to be able to start exercising properly. On top of that, the weather was horrendous on most days and I didn't think it fair to take my daughter out in her pram on the cold, wet, windy days. However, we did go out on the good days and spent some time walking around Glasgow city centre on Sunday afternoon and then walking around the local high street on Monday. I rarely point the exercise that I do since I never intend to use them up but I did point them this week and earned 5 activity pro-points in just two days of walking around with a buggy.

This week, I will still get out when the weather allows. The last few days have been bad though. My daughter also had her three month jabs yesterday so I won't be taking her out too much in the cold. It will probably be a late night McDonalds or Asda run while she struggles to settle today. However, I will be pulling the Wii Fit out. I keep saying it but it is time to actually DO IT! The problem is making sure my daughter is asleep upstairs instead of in the living room to be able to use the Wii Fit so I don't wake her up!

How is your weight loss going? I hope this is becoming some sort of inspiration to all those trying to lose weight. It will happen and there will be weeks that don't really go to plan. The good news is that you are not alone. Keep tracking what you are eating and get out there to do exercise. Losing weight slowly is actually healthier than a quick weight loss.

Good luck and I'll see you next week for my next weekly weight loss post.


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