Weight Loss Week 3

This week I lost 1/2lb. This wasn't anywhere near what I wanted but as my Weight Watchers leader said - it's still a loss. At least the weight is coming off. What do you do when you have a much lower loss than you wanted? How do you handle the disappointment?

Looking at Where I Went Wrong

This week, I genuinely can't tell where I went wrong. I didn't eat out as much this week and didn't eat all of my propoints allowance. Maybe this is where I went wrong. However, I did eat 26 propoints each day, which is the minimum Weight Watchers tells you to eat; it was my weekly propoints allowance that I did not touch.

Feeling Better This Week

One thing that I will touch on is the fact that I feel better this week. I feel thinner and have more energy. I got out and walked a lot more with my daughter, which meant that she also got some fresh air. We got out every day and took a walk down the high street and back or to the train station to meet her dad once he finished work or uni.

One Week Every Four Weeks

Something that I noticed in the past with my weight loss and which I think may still be a problem is that one week every four weeks, I suffer a small weight loss, stay the same or gain weight. I become bloated once a month and know that I retain water and this leads to problems with weight loss. We shall see what next week brings as that should be a good loss as long as I am good with my plan.


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