How to Get a Flatter Stomach

While losing weight may be a long term goal, getting a flatter stomach is likely to be something on your list in the interim. The stomach size fluctuates on a daily basis, whether from bloating, eating the wrong foods or due to weight loss or gain. Here are some top tips to getting that flatter stomach today.

Avoid Bloating Foods

Watching what you eat will help you lose weight and gain a flatter tummy area. Foods like curries, chillies and anything with spice digest quickly and lead to gas building up in the intestines. This gives the bloated feeling and leads to you looking like you’ve gained 10 pounds in the space of an hour or two.

Eat Pineapple Regularly

Pineapple actually contains an enzyme which helps with digesting protein. This is excellent to help lose that stomach quickly and easily. Pineapple juice will not do the same so eat fresh pineapple on a daily basis, especially if you do eat something that is bloating.

Drink Plenty of Water

Water helps the digestive system work quickly and helps with removing gas. It is also great for women during “that time of the month”. Water is generally good for you and you should aim to drink between six and eight glasses per day, which works out to be about two litres.

Chew Your Food

If you make your digestive system work harder, your stomach will bloat. Help your digestive system by chewing on every mouthful. This will also help you eat slower so you enjoy your food more and give your stomach the chance to tell your brain that you are full. You will eat less and lose weight much quicker.

Eat Little and Often

People were once told to eat three good meals a day. However, the amount that you eat during these meals often leads to bloating. You can get rid of your stomach by eating little amounts, often; try six smaller meals per day. This will also help you lose weight since you are likely to have smaller portions and eat healthier.

Exercise Regularly

Of course, exercise is a great way to lose weight and lose inches around your stomach. You should do a mixture of exercises and never concentrate solely on your stomach area. Cardiovascular exercises will burn more calories and help you shed the pounds quickly while weight training helps to tone the muscles. Try a mixture of exercise plans, including interval training to increase the heart rate and long endurance training to really feel the burn.

Eat a Balance Diet

Never rely on exercise to lose weight or lose inches around your tummy. Eating a healthy and balanced diet is the best thing that you can do. Control your portions and really think about what you are eating. There is no need to avoid your favourite foods; eat them in moderation as a treat.

The weight around your stomach will come and go on a daily basis. There are days that you will look and feel more bloated than others. While exercising and eating well, try the above tips to help control that bloated feeling.


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