Graze: Healthy Snacks Perfect for Weight Loss

When losing weight, part of the challenge is snacking. While fruit and vegetable sticks are the best options, they may not be something you want or even practical when it comes to snack time. Graze offers healthy options for snacking and a wide variety of choices, including breads, flapjacks and chocolate!

What Is Graze?

Graze is a company specialising in healthy, low calorie snacks. You receive four snacks in a box and each of the snacks are packaged separately. It means that you can take them anywhere you want and never worry about lids opening and a mess going everywhere in your bag. You choose when you want to receive the boxes and the number that you want each week.

Variety of Boxes Available

Their NibbleBox is the most commonly chosen box available but there are others available. The NibbleBox allows you access to all the different food choices while others limit your choices depending on the type of box. For example, the EatWellBox takes out many of the breads, the flapjacks and some of the chocolate options, while the BoostBox and LightBox cut down the options more to help stick to the healthiest choices available.

100s of Food Choices

There are 100s of different snacks available. You could have a box with flapjacks, dried fruit, seeds and crackers with dips. Graze chooses the items that will go into your boxes but look at the options that you like. Before ordering a box, you can go through all the food choices and select the ones that you want to “bin”. These will never be sent to you.

You can then choose the ones that you “like”, “love” and want to “try”. Graze will then make a selection from those so you get a good variety of the items that you love, like and want to find out more about. You can also choose items that you would like to receive soon by checking a “send it soon” box next to the items.

Deliver to Your Home or Work

There is the option to have your healthy snacks delivered to your home, work or anywhere that you choose in the UK. The items are sent via Royal Mail and there is no need to sign for them. This is great if you want something just to help while at work when the 11am coffee break comes around or waiting for you when you get home.

Want to know more about Graze? Visit You can find out more about the foods on offer, the types of boxes and more about the company itself. If you would like to try a box, they do offer the first one for half price. However, you can get your first box for free by using the code below:


Graze is something that I highly recommend. I can tailor the boxes to suit me and set up the foods that I want to receive soon. I receive them right at my door and, since they’re packaged separately, am only tempted to eat one section at a time. This helps with my diet and means that I have snacks for a few days instead of eating them all at once.

For those on Weight Watchers like me, the foods range between three and six propoints – at least the ones that I have received. The three propoint options are great for my mid-afternoon snacks during the week while I tend to keep the higher pointed options for the weekend, as a treat. However, it is possible to enjoy everything (yes, even the flapjacks!) in the box while trying to lose weight and the portions are just right for that 11am or 3pm snack.


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