Weekly Weight Loss - Week 2

So I only lost 1lb this week. Only? I hear you asking. I say "only" because I was aiming for 3lbs to reach my first silver 7 from Weight Watchers. However, I know why I only lost 1lb and I know how to help myself gain the 2lb that I need for next week. On the bright side, my 1lb weight loss did take me under the stone bracket so I am now onto 13st 13.5 lbs (195.5lbs for all you who don't work in stones and pounds).

Where Did I Go Wrong?

I always analyze my week after seeing my weight loss. This week I know exactly where "I went wrong" - although in truth, a 1lb weight loss is good so I didn't really go wrong; I just didn't lose as much weight as I wanted. My downfall this week was eating out.

On three occasions I ate out this week (not including the weekly "pig-out night" in our house). We have Chinese take-away on Wednesday and then I had a McDonalds and Pizza Express on Sunday. The biggest problem was the Pizza Express. I didn't plan ahead for it so I had no idea what I could eat based on the propoints that I had left. I thought I would choose pasta instead of a pizza, as usually pizzas are pointed per slice (turns out with Pizza Express, that isn't the case!) but I found out that the pasta was actually worth more! Add on the starter, which I thought would be low, and dessert, which thankfully was since I opted for one of the small desserts and a coffee, and I blew my propoints allowance for the day and the week.

Getting Back on Track the Next Day

However, blowing my propoints allowance on one day does not mean that I had blown my diet. I simply lost a small battle in a long war. The next day, I went straight back on the plan and made sure that I stuck to my allowance. That definitely helped me see some type of a weight loss at the scales.

I also made sure that I got out walking on the Monday to try help work off some of the excess propoints. Monday is Baby Spa day - my daughter has to go for a weekly trip to the hospital for a bath since she is in a harness for her hip - and the car park is always a nightmare to park in. I usually try to get as close to the front door as possible but this week, I took the buggy and looked for a space further back. And boy, did I end up further back! I ended up a 10 minute walk away from the hospital doors! On the Tuesday, I took my daughter out for a stroll in her buggy just to the Co-Op and back but that is a 15 minute walk each way and then some time around the Co-Op.

Goals for Next Week

So, my goal for next week is to lose 2lbs at the scales. How will I do that? Walking more with my daughter is the first thing. On good days, I will get her out for some fresh air, even if it is just down to the high street and back. It's not fair on her to take her out on bad days so I'll be putting the Wii Fit on while she is asleep during the day.

Tracking is something else I will do and I will make sure there are some propoints available for an emergency like Sunday. This week there isn't planning to be one, but you never know! As long as I make sure my weekly allowance is there then I won't be too worried if something pops up.

Good luck to all you who are trying to lose weight - it is possible and we will all see the figures drop on the scale! 


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