Weekly Weight Loss - Week 5

This week I jumped on the scales and found that I lost 1lb! That I can definitely be happy with since a usual weight loss on Weight Watchers is between 1lb and 2lbs. So, what did I do this week?

I Stuck to Last Week's Plan

The truth is that I didn't do anything different, really. I stuck to the same plan this week as I did last week. The only difference, maybe, is less exercise. The weather has been shocking the past week and there was no way that I was taking my daughter out in the pram. We pretty much drove everywhere to make sure she stayed snuggley and warm. If it was just me then I'd happily walk in the cold, wet and windy weather.

I Still had Takeaways

We still had a takeaway on a couple of occasions. I just made sure that I pointed them so that I would lose weight. I may have slightly overdone the takeaways this week though as I hit very close to 0 on my weekly propoints before the weekend! If I did overdo it then I knew that I could gain some propoints back by doing activity.

The Plan for Next Week

So, I'm sticking to the same plan for this week. That means I will eat all my propoints and keep tracking everything. I am attempting to do much more exercise this week but we (still!) need batteries for the Wii remotes and board! We'll get there!


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