Tackle the Supermarkets Without Going Off Track

Stay on track in the supermarket and lose weight!

It’s time for the food shop! That’s a scary time for many people trying to lose weight and those who have lost weight!

How do you tackle this part of the week?

There are just so many offers and they’re always on the things that you know you shouldn’t have. It’s really easy to just give into the cravings for the cakes and biscuits, even though you know they’re going to do your diet harm.

The good news is you can tackle the supermarkets without going off track. Here are the perfect tips to do that.

Make a List Before You Go

Create a list of all the things you need. You can make it as detailed or as loose as you want. We make it detailed until it comes to the fruit and veg—we choose that when we’re at the store.

By making a list, you know everything that you will eat for the week. You can go down just the aisles on the list and stay away from the food that you don’t need. It makes it much easier and you’re more likely to save money!

Don’t Go Down the Bad Aisles

Remember that a list means you know you only need to go down certain aisles. There’s no need to wander up and down looking for something that takes your fancy.

Stay away from the bad aisles. The ones where you know you go of track. Stay away from the chocolate, the crisps or anything else that causes you to go off track on your diet plan; unless you really need something from those aisles.

If you need to go down them and know they’re your weakness, get your partner to go down the aisle for you!

Leave the Kids at Home

Doing the shopping with the kids means one thing—you end up getting asked for sweets! They get bored going up and down the aisles, especially when they know they can’t have all their favourites.

Leave them at home or with a babysitter if you can. It stops the temptation for you to say yes whenever they ask for a chocolate bar or packet of crisps.

Shop Online

I think the best way to go to the supermarket and stay on track is by doing it the virtual way. There’s no need to go out to the supermarket anymore. You can do it all online.

The best thing about this is you can ignore the offers. There’s no danger of going down the tempting aisles.

You simply search for the items you need and click the ones. Yes, it could mean you miss out on a couple of savings but think about the savings it does to your waistline!

See, it really is that simple to do the grocery shop and stay on track of your diet at the same time.

Do you have any tips for doing that food shop while staying on track? Share your tips in the comments below. Good luck!

Image credit: Joe Shlabotnik


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