Make Your Workplace Weight Loss Friendly

Losing weight when you’re at home maybe easy but what about when you’re at work? If you work with others, people often bring in cakes and sweeties to share. You may have snacks in your desk or the sandwich van can come every day.

The good news is that you can lose weight at work. You can make your workplace weight loss friendly and that doesn’t mean stopping others from bringing their treats in.

Here are some practical tips to beat the temptations.

Take in Diet Friendly Treats

We all like to have that snack mid-morning. Don’t stop yourself just make sure you have treats that are diet friendly. When I worked in an office, I would take oranges and nuts in for my treats. Just a handful of nuts would be enough to beat the hunger until lunch.

There are all sorts of options that you can have. Have a selection of your favourites and don’t give into the cakes going around the office.

Track Those Cakes

Okay so sometimes you really want to try the delicious food that others bring in. It would be rude not to, right?

Make sure you track everything that you eat. If you’re worried about gaining weight, question yourself whether it is really worth it. You can talk to the person who brought the cakes in to find out where they’re from and what’s in them if they’ve been made by them.

If you constantly say no to yourself, you’ll just want the stuff even more. However, try not to give in right away. Do another bit of work or grab a drink first. You may find that you just psychologically wanted the treat but didn’t really need it.

Have the Healthy Treats Easy to Reach

Don’t put your healthy treats in the kitchen with your lunch (unless they need to go in the fridge!). Put them in your desk where they’re easy to reach.

If there is a no food at the desk policy, this could be a really easy way to combat the munchies. Do you really want to go to the kitchen to have a snack? That’s walking to the other side of the room, right?

If you really want to, consider tying it in with making coffee for the whole office. You seem super helpful and get to do more activity to make the snack worthwhile.

Take Your Own Lunch

The sandwiches are not only bad for your hips but also for your wallet. Don’t let yourself go out and buy things.

Take your own lunch with you. One that is healthy and full of your favourite foods. You will save money, the pounds on the scales and enjoy it much more. You’ll also look forward to it throughout the day.

There are a lot of options for lunches and not all need fridges—if your work doesn’t have one.

Go for a Walk

One your breaks or your lunch, have a walk outside. Take a trip around the local area and sit down outside somewhere to eat. This will help you gain more energy throughout the day and you will generally feel better for it.

This is also a great way to get some extra activity in while you’re working.

If you take a break when you want something to snack on, you will also find that you eat less—since you won’t go to the kitchen! You take your mind off the treat and forget all about it.

How do you combat the weight loss problem at work? Do you have any other tips? Share them in the comments below!


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