Eat Breakfast to Help Your Weight Loss

Make breakfast a natural part of your day

When it comes to weight loss, eating more is better than eating less. Well, you still need a calorie deficit but you don’t want to create too much of one.

It’s true that you really do need to eat and breakfast is your most important meal of the day.

Why is it so important? According to a survey for Farmhouse Breakfast Week 2013, those who ate breakfast were slimmer than those who skipped it. The survey found that 78% of those who were successful at weight loss ate breakfast on a daily basis.

Here are some top tips to make breakfast a regular part of your day to help your weight loss.

Plan It Ahead

Don’t wait until the morning to decide what you’re going to eat. Plan it the night before (or even during the day) and make sure you have everything you need in the house.

You’re not going to go out especially for a certain food for your breakfast, especially when you’re rushing around for work.

Keep all the healthy options in easy reach so the ones that are worse for your weight loss are farther back in the cupboards. You’ll see the healthier options first and are more likely to reach for the,.

Eat Breakfast on the Go

We don’t always have time to eat breakfast. I’m lucky that I work from home but my husband often has to take his breakfast with him to eat on the train.

There’s no problem with having breakfast on the go and it can be quite good for you. Focus on the things that are easy to take and eat and will give you the energy for the day.

A healthy cereal bar, fruit or a yogurt with granola are great options to eat on the go.

Have Your Go-To Breakfasts

There are certain things everyone likes on a morning. It could be a banana on your porridge or a special mix of crushed cereal, fruit and yogurt.

Having a “go-to” breakfast is really good but make sure you have the ingredients! These types of breakfasts are quick and easy to make.

Still mix everything up a little, though. You don’t want to get bored of your quick options.

Create a Routine to Fit Breakfast In to Help Your Weight Loss

Routines are important. When a routine becomes habit, you automatically start doing it without realising.

Creating your own routine. It can take about six weeks to get used to so do it on a daily basis until it does become a natural habit.

This could be planning the night before, getting up a little earlier or making sure your cupboards are set up in a good way to make breakfast easy.

You will soon set your routine and forget all about it—it all just comes naturally.

So, make breakfast work for you. Use it to help your weight loss and you’ll soon see the loss at the scales.

What do you do to make sure you eat breakfast every day? Share your tips for others below.

Image credit: Chris Radcliff @ Flickr


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