The TV Causes You to Gain Weight

Is the TV the reason for your weight gain?

The TV causes your weight gain—well, your lack of weight loss success. Yes, really!

Well, it isn’t the only reason for this but it is a major factor. It is a distraction and actually impedes on your family time so you become more unsociable together. If you’re not too sure about this, then consider the following:

You Don’t Talk Between Bites

When you watch TV, you don’t talk between your bites. You eat quicker and this often leads you to eating more so the TV is causing your weight gain.

If you turn the TV off and chat to the other people in the room, you will find that you eat slower and could end up eating less. You’ll give your body the time to digest everything since you need to slow down so you can speak between mouthfuls.

The TV acts as a distraction. Instead of talking, you’re focusing on the screen. You won’t even realise just how many times the fork is going to your mouth.

You Don’t Give Your Body Time to Respond

You’re eating quicker, right? Well, that means your body doesn’t have time to respond so you eat more—and gain weight!

It takes 20 minutes for your body to tell your brain that it’s full. During those 20 minutes, your brain tells you to eat more because you still need it. Your brain is telling you to get the second helpful or have that dessert.

The truth is you really don’t need them!

If you give your body the 20 minutes it needs, you will find that you eat less and could lose more weight.

Talking between bites and being more sociable with your meals will help limit the amount that this happens.

You Get Bored and Turned to Food

Unless you’re watching the most entertaining programme, there are high chances that you get bored during the TV programme. You could end up eating more simply because you are eating out of boredom.

This is one of the biggest reasons for snacking: there is just nothing else to do.

The TV doesn’t stimulate the mind like activity does. The best thing you can do is get outside or put on a fitness DVD, if you prefer to do it in the home. You will soon find that you lose more weight!

It’s Not Just the TV that Causes You to Gain Weight

The truth is any distraction like this will make you eat more.

You could watch a film on the laptop or play a game on the consoles. You could even read a book or do some studying.

When there are distractions around, you forget just how much you’re eating. Think about the last time you were reading or doing some work. Your brain told you that you were hungry and you kept reaching for the snacks. By the time you realised it, everything was gone…did you even taste the food?

Stop letting the TV make you gain weight. Take control and get back on track.

Does the TV cause you to gain weight? Share your stories and tips for battling this problem in the comments below!

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