Weight Watchers Pancake Recipe: Your Pancake Day Sorted!

Pancake Day is on Tuesday. I can’t believe it’s here again already.

Pancakes are a dieter’s worst nightmare. They’re full of eggs, milk and flour! While eggs are fine, the milk and flour can be problematic; and not just for weight loss. Some people have gluten intolerances, while others can’t stomach the dairy.

I’m here with my favourite Weight Watchers pancake recipe. You need just two ingredients:
  • Bananas
  • Eggs

I suggest playing around with the balance of both to find a texture and taste that you prefer. I like using two eggs for each banana, but others find they prefer it the other way round or just doing one egg per banana.

The method is simple. Mash the banana, add the beaten egg and you have your Weight Watchers pancake batter.

Not only will pancake day be guilt free (depending what you put on top, of course!) but it will have minimal mess. As for the toppings, I love mixed berries and a tiny bit of maple syrup, but the choice really is yours.

 I hope you enjoy this Weight Watchers pancake recipe. I’ll be back with more delicious, weight loss friendly recipes very soon.


  1. I made these today, loved them next time I will put all the fruits on that I love...

    1. It's definitely worth adding your favourite fruits. I love zero heroles. I find added the extra fruits make them a great after dinner "treat".


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