How to Get Started With Your Weight Loss Journey

When is the best time to start losing weight? Just how do you get started if you have stones to go?
There are so many questions people have before they start their weight loss journey. Just getting started can seem like a huge milestone. Don’t worry if you feel worried or overwhelmed with all the information out there. You are definitely not alone.

I remember looking through all the diet plans, wondering just where to start. Even the last time I joined Weight Watchers as a new member I wondered if it was the right plan for me. I contemplated giving Slimming World another go, despite it not working at all for me the last time.

So you don’t have to go through all the choices and questions, I’m going to help you right now. Here’s a few tips to get you started with your weight loss journey.

Decide on Your Goals and Reasons

Before you even think about which plan to follow, decide what your goals and reasons are for losing weight. While I wanted to fit into my old clothes, I also wanted to be healthier for my daughter at the time. That meant no crash diets; a long-term plan that was liveable was important for me.

You may want to lose a few pounds in time for a holiday or want a long-term, lifelong diet. Deciding on this now will tell you which type of plan is right for you.

Look at All Your Options

“Don’t fix it if it ain’t broke”

That’s a common phrase people say but I’m going to tell you something different. Just because it’s worked for you in the past doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you again. There are lots of reasons why diets and healthy eating programmes don’t work.

Just because Weight Watchers worked for you in the past, doesn’t mean it’s going to work for you again. Nor does it mean it’s the best option for your current weight loss goals.

So, look through all your options. Check out the different plans and read reviews.

This part can seem overwhelming, but that’s why I say think about your goals first. You can eliminate a number of diets quickly by setting some goals. If you want something to help you lose a few pounds in a few weeks, a short term diet is likely to be a better option for you at the time. If you want something that helps you focus on health and weight loss, a long-term, expert-approved programme is better.

Plan Ahead with Your Diet

Planning ahead will help you get stuck into it. When you go in with a plan, you have the steps to succeed and you’re more likely to see them through.

Once you decide on a plan, get all the information you can and create your eating plan. Decide on a breakfast, lunch and dinner and think about your snacks. As you get used to the new programme, it will be easier to plan ahead.

Be Committed to the Diet

This is the part that trips people up. They are committed for a day or two and then fall off the wagon. For some, they just don’t have someone to hold them accountable.

That’s why you need to get yourself committed. I had my Weight Watchers leader to keep me accountable and my husband also helps. I’m the one that keeps him on track.

Find someone you trust if you don’t go to meetings. There’s a reason recovering alcoholics have sponsors. It really does help them!

Be committed and plan ahead. With your goals set, you can get started on your weight loss journey quickly, easily and effectively.


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