Finding Motivation After a Weight Gain

Whether you’ve been good or bad all week, gaining weight one week is disappointing. You may know exactly what you did, but it doesn’t stop your heart from dropping as you see the numbers go in the wrong direction. When you’re not expecting it, it’s even worse.

All this leads to a drop in motivation. You start to wonder if the diet plan is right for you. After a weight gain this week, I’ve had a drop in my motivation, so it’s time to get back on track. Here are the tricks I’m going to use for finding motivation after a weight gain.

Remind Myself Why I’m Doing This

The first thing to do is to remember why I’m losing weight. There are multiple reasons why I want to drop a couple of stone again.

The main part is to be healthy. That’s been my goal all along. I need to drop at least one and a half stone to be within my healthy BMI range. While that doesn’t tell me everything, it tells me enough right now.

Health is also important for my girls. I don’t want to be the fat mum that struggles to do everything. I want to be able to play in the park and be there for them until they’re having kids of their own.

Remembering why I’m doing it, often gives me the little extra push after a weight gain. I focus on the long term journey rather than the one week.

Look Back at My Goals

My goals and my reasons for losing weight are different. While I want to be healthy, my main goal right now is to right back into my pre-pregnancy clothes.

Some of them I’m in right now but there are others that won’t fit until I lose another two stone. And I want to fit into them comfortably and feel great in them.

Yesterday, I tried on a few of my jeans and denim skirts to see how far off fitting into them I was. Some of them I have a fair way to go, so it’s time to get focused and find my motivation again. Having a goal like that—one that doesn’t revolve around the weight at the scales but on my body shape changes—will be good to help me stay motivated.

Something I’m going to do this week to help with finding motivation again is to take my waist and hip measurements. They give me a better idea over clothes sizes.

Look Back Over Successes
This time I’m only on my fourth week, but really I’ve been following the plan for years. It’s time for me to look back over my successes over the years. I did get to goal in the past and I know I can get back down there.

One of the biggest successes was keeping the weight off for 18 months. There were gains during that time—and at one time there was a 5lb gain due to a holiday—but I always got back down to my goal weight. I will be able to get back to that.

Looking back over successes tells me that it’s a long term journey. I also get to see the weeks I gained weight and what I did to make sure there was a loss the next week. It’s a renewed feeling of belief; I know I can do it again.

I did gain 2lb this week, but I’m not going to lose my motivation. It was my own fault for not really sticking to the plan and I think the week before caught up with me a little. I’ll get back on it from today and make sure I see a weight loss next week.


  1. Well done to you! Most people come to realise that losing weight and keeping it off is not only a destination, but also a continuing journey!

    1. It really is a continuing journey. I've lost and gained it all back so many times but I said the last time was definitely the last time. This weight gain was a healthy pregnancy one, so I'm not counting it as time off my journey ;)

    2. It really is all about lifestyle changes as opposed to following any diet. with a little moderate exercise of course x

  2. Losing wieght and fighting with a diet has been my challenge for many years. I threw my scale away and now I can focus on other things. Much happier.


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