Weight Watchers SmartPoints: Why Am I Losing Weekly Points?

The change from ProPoints to SmartPoints didn’t just bring a new allowance. It brought changes to the current way of losing points as we lose weight.

On Tuesday, I shared a video on YouTube discussing the loss of 42 weekly SmartPoints to 35 weeklies. I saw a question on a Facebook group from a member, too, as she’d lost weekly points. Why does this happen now?

The short answer is that as we lose weight we need to eat less.

You knew that, right? After all, that’s why Weight Watchers originally reduced your daily points allowance until you got a minimum. But it never changed your weeklies.

With SmartPoints, your daily and weekly allowances are personalised. That means you could have fewer weekly points but the same daily points as your best friend.

You’ll first lose your daily allowance until you get down to 30 per day. Then you will start losing your weekly allowance. You lose seven at a time, and yes it seems like a big jump; something else I talk about in the video.

Here’s the video for you to find out more about why you’re losing SmartPoints and what you can do to help yourself.


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