How to Deal with Kind Weight Loss Saboteurs

When you’re trying to lose weight, you expect the people around you to support you. The problem is that there are many saboteurs in your life. Some won’t think they’re doing any harm while others may do it intentionally.

Who are your weight loss saboteurs? They may be closer than you think.

They may be your parents, your friends, or even your spouse.

I hate to say it but one of mine is my husband (and he’ll hate me for thinking this way at times!). He knows I’m trying to lose weight but will come home with Easter eggs, chocolate and bottles of fizzy pop, thinking he’s treating me.

I hate saying no to him but sometimes it has to be done.

But, how do you say no to these people, without hurting their feelings? Yes, you really can say no!

I Just Need a Small Treat

I’ve started accepting treats but opting for the smaller ones. Instead of a full cheesecake that I’ll have to cut up and work out the propoints for, I ask for just the small individual pieces. They’re often much better anyway since I don’t feel sick after eating too much.

You can treat yourself on a healthy diet – in fact, you should treat yourself now and then. Portion control and eating in moderation will help with your weight loss efforts since you won’t be tempted to go off your plan. After all, how many times have you said no and then just constantly wanted that one thing?

Let’s Go for a Walk First

If I know I’m going to have a big treat then I’ll try and get some exercise in to counter the problem. I like to spend time with my husband so will suggest ways to get exercise and spend some time with him at the same time.

This is even better now with the baby since pushing the buggy means more exercise!

Ask for Something Else

A treat doesn’t have to be food. If someone wants to give you something, maybe as a congratulations for getting to your goal weight or as a way to say thank you, ask them for something other than food. How about a small bunch of flowers or a new pair of shoes?

Something a friend of mine does is ask for the money that would have been spent on the treat. This is then put in a small piggy bank and she uses it towards a spa day at the end of the year. It’s her favourite day of the year and a great way to unwind!

Don’t Cut It All Out

I’ve already said – when you say no, you just want it more and more, right? So don’t cut it out completely!

One of the biggest saboteurs is actually you. You think you can’t have a treat on your diet or you don’t eat before you go shopping! You end up eating everything in sight because you’ve forced yourself to crave it more!

So, the next time you’re faced with a saboteur, remember there’s nothing wrong with saying no. Just find a polite way to say no and find an alternative.

Many of your weight loss saboteurs don’t realise they’re making it hard for you so give them a break. We’ll look at those who are trying to hinder your weight loss habits unintentionally in a later post.


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