Weekly Weigh Loss: Week 22

So, I wanted to get this in before I forget this week!

This week I lost 2.5lb! I reached my 2 stone GOAL! Woohoo!!!

I honestly thought I was going to put weight on this week. I felt fat and bloated and had resigned myself to seeing a gain at the scales. I'm sure you can guess the surprise but joy when I saw the figures.

What Did I Do?

This week I tracked and tracked. I knew that I hadn't gone over my propoints allowance but I hadn't done as much activity as I wanted to do. I just felt like I'd overeaten and been really lazy and didn't believe anything my tracker was telling me.

What Will I Do Next Week?

I'm going to stick to what I did this week although I want to do more activity; I just wish work and studying would let me. I'm looking into getting my daughter into swimming lessons (although waiting for the weather to warm up a little!). It looks like I can do one day a week with her in the pool, which is perfect for getting her used to the water before she goes to the beach in the summer. It won't get me doing much but it's at least a little more than normal.

I'm also going to focus on moving more around the house. Instead of waiting to finish a section of articles, I'm going to take a break every half an hour (like I should!) and go downstairs for a drink. I'll also do more with my daughter. It will not just help my weight loss but my health away from the computer!

How has your weight loss been going? Has anyone else reached any goals yet? Maybe you're struggling with the saboteurs in your life. Look out for my post on Friday about this...


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