How to Deal with Weight Loss Over Easter

Don't let Easter spoil your weight loss. Image by Sue Waters

Easter is a time full of chocolate and treats that it makes weight loss difficult. The good news is that it doesn’t have to ruin your weight loss journey. I’m planning on losing weight loss over Easter and so can you with these simple tips.

Plan Ahead to Treat Yourself

Allow yourself some treats but plan ahead. This could be sparing some calories to enjoy the treats or saving your weekly propoints for Easter eggs (depending on the plan that you follow). I rarely blow my weekly propoints (I’m on Weight Watchers), so I make sure there are enough to eat easters eggs.

The best way of planning ahead is to break the chocolate up into small, manageable chunks and then store them in separate containers. It will be less tempting to eat the whole amount so you don’t blow your weight loss.

Melt the Chocolate Down

Something I plan to do this year is melt the chocolate down and use it in cakes. There’s a bake-sale that my husband is involved in so I’m going to make some rice crispy cakes for that so I’m less likely to eat all the chocolate. I know others who are going to melt down their chocolate too instead of trying to say no to tons of people.

Identify Your Saboteurs

Next week I’m going to write about saboteurs and how to stop them slowing down your weight loss but this week you need to identify them. Work out who is more likely to throw you off track – even if they don’t realise they’re doing it. It’s most likely the people close to you, such as your partner, your children or your parents. They are more likely to push you off track during holiday seasons like Easter because they want to give you gifts. Ask them to get you the smaller Easter eggs or something that will last and help you lose weight over Easter.

Don’t Say No to Yourself!

The worst thing you can do is tell yourself that you’re not allowed any chocolate. I’ve found the more I say no, the more I want something. It becomes something that I constantly crave for until I finally give in and then I blow my propoints allowance. Instead of saying no, learn to treat yourself in moderation. It becomes a treat and you are more likely to stay on track.

Exercise to Work It Off

If you do go over, it’s not the end of the world! Exercise is a great way to pull back the amount you go over by and get back on track for losing weight this Easter. Enjoy a game with the kids – probably a snowball fight in the UK! – or put on a dance DVD and workout in the house. There are plenty of options available so no excuse!

Easter doesn’t have to completely throw you off track. With a few simply steps you could still lose weight and eat your chocolate. Just know where your downfall is and how to moderate your Easter egg intake. If you do go over, exercise to make up for it.


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