Bringing an End to the 100 Day Challenge

I unfortunately have to bring an end to my 100 Day Challenge. I’m disappointed, especially with how close I was coming to finish it, but for personal reasons I just can’t keep doing it. Over the next few weeks I’ll explain more, but for now I need to focus on myself and my health.

My weight loss is still important to me, but isn’t a priority right now. Staying healthy and eating well is. I’m not actually allowed to weigh each week right now.

That doesn’t mean I’m going to go ridiculous now that I’m not tracking absolutely everything and focusing on losing weight. I am still going to focus on filling and healthy foods, while I support my own members. 

The good thing about Weight Watchers is that there’s never really a real reason to stop following the plan. I want to remind everyone that Weight Watchers isn’t a diet. It’s a lifestyle change. The whole point is to focus on eating healthy foods, while creating a calorie deficit to lose weight healthily. I get a lot of members upset when they don’t lose 3, 4 or 5lbs regularly. Up to 2lbs is a healthy weight loss. Any more than that, and you’re not actually losing fat. You’re losing muscle and water. Keeping that weight off afterwards is unrealistic.

So, I will keep blogging. Probably not on a daily basis as you may have noticed I don’t have time for that with all the other writing that I’m doing. But I will keep offering tips, advice and help.

Over the next couple of days I have a post about why not losing too much weight is important. It’s a topic that I’ve wanted to write since the weekend, and I will do it this week.

Thank you for following me on the 100 Day Challenge. I hope I’ve inspired you to take on your own. Maybe I’ll take on a different type of 100 Day Challenge later.


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