100 Day Challenge Day 67: Almost on Track Yesterday!

I was almost completely on track yesterday. I’ve not had many bad days while doing the 100 Day Challenge, just a few slips here and there. Yesterday started off great until I failed to keep most food down. It’s so difficult to do anything when you’re struggling for energy because of lack of food and drink!

Everything that was tracked didn’t likely stay in my system. It was only by dinner time that I was well enough to eat normally, and then I stuck to small amounts just in case. I did make sure I drank as much water as possible though to remain hydrated, although that was a struggle.

Sometimes my body does this to me. I expect it now and then, but it usually happens on a Sunday—almost like my body knows that that is my day off. Even after a holiday, it looks like my body has told me that I’ve been doing too much. I couldn’t just take the day off though, and forced myself to work until everything was all done. Luckily, with it being the first day back after a break it wasn’t that packed. I was able to curl up on the couch and watch some TV and read my book in the end.

Today looks to be a better day on the 100 Day Challenge. Touch wood it stays that way!


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