100 Day Challenge Days 49-51: Not a Great Weekend

I’m behind on the blogging front again. I didn’t have the greatest weekend on the 100 Day Challenge, and not due to food I was eating. It was a weekend of feeling under the weather while trying to deal with everything happening at once.

Friday wasn’t a bad day but the meal that I went to in the evening with the Sunday School teachers was long. It took an hour and half for the food to be sent out to us. And when I did get it, it wasn’t even that great. Being disappointed is an understatement, and I won’t recommend the place I went to anybody. In the end, it was 11pm by the time I was on the road to pick my daughter up from the babysitters—a whole hour later than I expected to be there!

I didn’t get weighed on Saturday. With the hassle of Friday night, we all slept in on Saturday, so I had to drive my husband to work. It takes 45 minutes to get to his work by car, so it was an hour and half by the time I was finished with the driving. This was when  started feeling under the weather and me and my daughter ended up curled up in bed watching movies all day. After a long afternoon nap, we decided to take a trip to McDonald’s for lunch. Not the best for the diet, but it was tracked.

I then had to go and pick up my husband from work, which meant another hour and half in the car. He wanted pizza for tea, but I managed to convince him to get the frozen ones from ASDA rather than going to a takeaway. That saved on some points and without breakfast it meant that I didn’t go over my daily pro points all day. I didn’t end up having that much dinner because I just felt so rubbish.

That brings me to yesterday, when I still wasn’t feeling great. We had a simple breakfast of yogurt and fruit and then tucked into a mushroom omelette for lunch. Dinner was spaghetti Bolognese after a three hour trip around IKEA! That was a lot of walking around!

Surprisingly, I’ve not touched any of my weekly pro points this week. That’s great for the rest of the week, when I’ve got plenty to things coming up.

It wasn’t the greatest weekend in terms of feeling well, but in terms of food choices I didn’t do too bad. I’m contemplating a treat to McDonald’s again later this week because my daughter is going away on Friday with my parents for a week. It will be nice to spend a little mummy and daughter time with her before that happens. I just have to get her to nap before we go anywhere because I’ve realised that helps her eat!

The great news is that I’m over half way through the 100 Day Challenge now!


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