100 Day Challenge Day 52: Another Rocky Day Full of Illnesses

It’s not easy dieting or tracking when you’re ill. Usually, when I’m ill, I really don’t feel like eating and I definitely don’t feel like tracking. But I’m just over half way through the 100 Day Challenge and I forced myself to make a note of everything I ate.

I didn’t go anywhere near all my pro points but at least it’s tracked. Sometimes I feel bad about not eating enough, but right now I’m focusing on my health. That’s the more important thing. It may mean I gain weight this week because I’ve not given my body the energy it needs, but I really don’t care right now. Illnesses really mess up the weight loss journey, anyway.

It may sound to some like I’ve slightly given up. That definitely isn’t the case. All I’m doing is focusing my efforts on getting better. I can’t focus my efforts on everything when I’m ill, and focusing on weight loss is the wrong thing to do. I’ll just make myself more stressed, and that won’t help my health.

Hopefully things will look up soon. There isn’t long until the summer ball and right now I seem to be just where I was when I started. It’s annoying and it makes me feel like this whole challenge has been a waste of time, but the more I do it, the more I show my members that we’re not perfect as Weight Watchers leaders. We still struggle and weight fluctuations are all part and parcel of it.


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