Weekly Weight Loss Week 26

I lost a pound this week!

To be honest, I thought I was going to gain weight so I was really happy.

We went to the zoo on Saturday and took our own picnic but ended up eating a bit too much -- especially with the Chinese takeaway that evening.

Anyway, either I made up for it afterwards or was good leading up to it (I did track my food but rarely track the activity that I do since I don't like using the points).

My goal for this week:

I don't often do this but I have a goal that I really want to reach this week. I would love to lose 2lb this week.


That will get me under the 12 stone barrier. I've not seen under 12 stone for a couple of years so I really really want to see it this week!

But I'm not doing so great at the moment -- I went over my daily points allowance yesterday after an unplanned trip to McDonalds (the car needed fixing). I'm back on track today though and haven't used up many of my weekly points yet so there's still time. Plus, I did earn three points walking around while waiting for the car. Not all of the time was spent waiting in McDonald's!

Longer term goal:

I have another goal to lose 4lbs over the next three weeks, which will take me to 35lbs lost in total since starting to lose weight! That will be an amazing goal on it's own.

After that, I can really start looking at my end goal.

So, how is your weight loss going? Don't be shy and share your experience! I don't bite!


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