Weekly Weight Loss Week 24

So, after a week of feeling like I was struggling with my motivation, I wasn't expecting much at the scales. Instead I managed to lose 1.5lbs!

I was so happy to see the figure and it's pushed me back into tracking and makes me want to lose more weight.

I'm not going to go through my "what I did differently" because I mentioned last week how I was struggling with my motivation. I'd lost track of everything I was eating and just couldn't stop snacking.

What I'll Do This Week

I'm already back on track. I know everything I've eaten and make sure that I'm not going over my propoints. I'm also focusing on getting more activity back into my day - not too hard with a nine-month-old who is starting to get on the move!

I'm also back to creating delicious meals so I enjoy losing weight again. This has always been a problem, especially when it comes to lunch. I need something that won't take too long to make but is still delicious. So far it's been tuna and sweetcorn with pasta and soups - as the weather starts to get warmer, I'll move onto more salads and pasta dishes.

How are you doing? Have you been back on track more or do you need another push to get the motivation?


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