Social Media and Weight Loss: How Social Media Helps You Lose Weight

Lose weight with social media. Image by Stuart Miles/

Social media can help you lose weight. I’m joking, right? Wrong!

I’ve found social media helps me with my weight loss and I’m going to tell you just how in this post. Just to make it clear, the only social media I use a lot are Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest.

1. Offer motivation when you least expect it
It’s really easy to lose motivation when you’re trying to lose weight. Sometimes you won’t even realise that your motivation is slipping.

When you follow weight loss pages on social media, they help with motivation. I follow Weight Watchers online and get a daily dose of success stories that make me think “I want to be like that”. My goal is to become one of Weight Watchers’ success stories one day.

2. Delicious recipes to try out
Sometimes it’s just hard to lose weight because you’re bored of eating the same things over and over again. Losing weight doesn’t need to be about eating salad all the time and missing out on your favourite treats but buying recipe books (that you don’t end up using) gets expensive.

There’ll be various people who post delicious meals on their social media pages. A friend may have tried a delicious meal that they’ve shared or a blog you follow may have a new dessert that you may want to try.

You may just find great ideas to make changes to your regular meals.

3. Daily tips to help with weight loss
People regularly post weight loss tips – just check out this blog for some ideas! When they post them, they’ll often share them on social media sites.

I follow a variety of weight loss pages on Twitter that share weight loss tips on a daily basis, whether it is changing snacks or for exercise.

4. Motivation from friends and family
I find that one of the best parts of social media and weight loss is the motivation from friends. I regularly post how I’m doing and it really helps me remain motivated and push to try and lose the next week.

This also offers a great way to compete with friends, which also helps with motivation. A little competition is often healthy but as long as you lose weight healthily.

This doesn’t work for everyone – there are some people who have saboteurs on their social media sites.

I’ve also found that there always seems to be a race to lose the most weight, which isn’t necessarily healthy. Losing a lot of weight quickly – over a long period of time – isn’t good for the body. I’ve already talked about this in the past. Constantly losing more than 2lb per week is not recommended by health and weight loss experts.

So, social media can help your weight loss efforts! The next time you see a credible weight loss program on Facebook or Twitter, start following them and get a daily dose of weight loss motivation.


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