Weekly Weight Loss Week 25

My apologies for updating this so late -- and for no post on Friday. It's been a very hectic week and I'm trying to catch up as we speak.

This week I lost 1/2lb.

But it's "only" 1/2lb, so many people complain about. Yes, it may not sound like a lot but it's a loss! It's also the bad week out of four that I have so I'm expecting a better weight loss next week (as long as I stick to my plan)

Last week I kept track and I'm doing the same this week. The bad thing is that even though I've been eating healthily, I think I've eaten too much! We went to the zoo on Saturday and took out own picnic but it was difficult to keep track of EVERYTHING. I've tried and think I'm okay but we'll see on Tuesday...

How has your weight loss been? Did you have a good week or are you struggling to get back on track?


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