The Benefits of Losing 5% of Your Starting Weight

Lose 5% Now! Image by Alan Cleaver

I mentioned a few weeks ago that I’d reached 5% of my body weight and that I was going to tell you the benefits of that. It is worth noting that the majority of the benefits I will write about depend on the amount of weight that you need to lose but are for the average person.

Reduce Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Arguably the most beneficial aspect of losing 5% of your body weight is reducing the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes. This form of diabetes is common with those who are overweight and is to do with blood sugar and insulin.

Lower the Blood Pressure

Another benefit is that your blood pressure will lower. This means that you are less at risk of a heart attack or stroke, among other diseases and conditions.

Improves Mobility

You will find that you can move more by losing just 5% of your starting weight. You won’t be out of breath as much by just walking down to the shops and will be able to tackle the stairs in your house easier.

Reduces the Pains and Aches that You Feel

Suffer from aches and pains but no reason behind it? There are chances that you suffer from the pain due to the excess weight. By losing just 5% of your starting weight, you will usually find that the pains and aches reduce. As you lose 10% and more, you will notice a big difference in the aches and pains that you suffer.

Improve Sleep

You will be able to sleep better by losing weight. This is because you can breathe easier and are less at risk of sleep apnoea. By sleeping better, you will feel more refreshed and be at a lower risk of developing illnesses, including the flu and common cold.

There are many health benefits to losing 5% of your starting weight. You may also benefit by dropping a dress size, depending on the amount that you need to lose. If you have gotten this far already, keep going as you will keep gaining the benefits the more that you lose and start living a healthier life.


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