June Weight Loss Challenge Week 2 Update: Getting Back on Track

I didn't quite make it through the full week of tracking on Weight Watchers this week. I had a 48 hour period where nothing at all was tracked. I wanted to go back later and fill it all in, but once weigh-in came around on Friday I just didn't have the motivation to do it.

On this occasion I was lucky. The lack of tracking didn't mean a gain. I lost 0.6lbs, so that's about normal for me.

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Maybe part of the benefit is the heat. I'm not eating anywhere near as much as I would in the winter. I don't want food that is going to melt all over me and I need food that is full of water. I've found myself drinking way more than the 8 glasses that I designate for myself on most days (yesterday wasn't quite 8).

When it comes to skipping Weight Watchers tracking, it's easy to fall off the wagon completely. I needed to get back on track right away. As soon as I weighed myself on the Friday I jumped right back into tracking (except for Friday night of course), including all the donuts and cookies I ate over the weekend.

I have just 6 Weekly SmartPoints left for this week. So far I'm doing well, but again that is partially due to not feeling the need to eat as much. Yesterday I didn't even eat all my Daily SmartPoints.

Here's my Facebook Live that I did last week about the lack of tracking. Don't forget you can get daily updates from my Weight Loss Support Page on Facebook. If you're joining in let me know!


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