June Weight Loss Challenge Update: 3 Things I Learned Last Week

I'm not quite into the first week of the challenge but I have had a weigh in. My weigh-in day is FRIDAY and then the day after starts a new week for my points. Despite not quite being a week, I have learned a lot while doing my June weight loss challenge and I thought now would be a good time to update.

I have managed to track every day. It's not always easy, but I have been able to do it. I haven't quite tracked the ProPoints and calories like I wanted, but I've tracked all my SmartPoints.

Here are three things I've learned.

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1) Sometimes just writing the food down is enough.

The only person you cheat when you don't track is yourself. But it can be really hard to track every mouthful, right? I found it much easier with the app but since I don't have a SmartPoiuts app I often have to wait until I get home.

So I track the actual food on a notepad or take a photo. This is enough to begin with and then you can work out the points values when you get home.

2) Tracking the events that happen is important

The Weight Watchers journal has a space for tracking mood. What it doesn't offer is a space to track why you felt that way. I've taken to writing a few notes here and there.

Tracking how you feel isn't enough. You need to know why you feel it. Did something happen? Are you will? Have the kids not listened yet again?

All these feelings (and the reasons) can affect what you eat and when. Tracking them all gives you something to look back on in the future.

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3) Leaving the tracker open on the desk makes you write more

I used to be very bad for not tracking by pen and paper. It's why I always had the app. But then I feel off track with the app.

I've actually found having the Weight Watchers journal open on my desk is helpful for tracking. I see it all the time. I'm on the right day of the week. All I have to do is pick up a pen and write. It may seem lazy but to me its efficiency.

So far I've lost 1.8lbs. That's a good weight loss for me. Make sure you're on my Weight Loss Support page on Facebook for the photo proof of my Weight Watchers journey.


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