Why Blogging About Weight Loss Can Help You Succeed

For a number of years now, I’ve blogged about weight loss. I’ve shared my ups and downs, my tricks and tips along the way and anything that I’ve learned about health and dieting.

Blogging about weight loss has really helped me succeed. It’s been something that has helped keep me on track, whether I’ve tried doing it alone or done it through Weight Watchers. Maybe it’s something that you could do to help you succeed at your weight loss goals.

Here are the main four reasons blogging about weight loss has really helped me to succeed.

Kept Me Accountable

Yes, Weight Watchers meant that I had someone I was accountable to. I had my leader, and she was definitely great. Without her, I think I would have given up at times. I think I would have definitely given up trying to stay at goal and wouldn’t have become a Weight Watchers leader myself.

However, blogging kept me accountable to so many more people. Sometimes that’s what I needed. I didn’t share all my goals with my leader, but I did share them with you. That meant that I had to go through with them.

This could help you. By blogging about your weight loss and goals, you keep yourself accountable to others. This is great if you decide to try it yourself, where you don’t have a single person weighing you each week. If you don’t blog for a week, you could end up with people messaging you to find out why you didn’t share your ups and downs that week.

Get to Share Tips

How often do you share your weight loss tips? When I was a Weight Watchers member, I shared a few now and then but there were so many others that I picked up along the way. Some of them I would have completely forgotten about if it wasn’t for my blog.

I get to look back over my blog posts and see how I tackled certain situations. I get to read over old tricks that I found along the way. My memory isn’t perfect, and the blog is a great place; almost like a journal.

At the same time, the posts help others. They’ve helped a number of people get back on track or find a way around a situation.

Blogging is one of the best places to share these tips. You reach a larger audience, and you have somewhere to look back at in the future.

Somewhere to Be Honest

One of the benefits of blogging is being anonymous. Sure, I have my face on my blog and I do share on my Facebook pages and Twitter profile, but you don’t have to.

By being anonymous, you can share your honest thoughts. While there may be someone out there who doesn’t like what you have to say, others will be grateful for your honesty. On top of that, you really get to release all those negative comments and remarks. You have somewhere to vent freely.

Some people start their weight loss blogs for themselves. They have a place for just them to vent and rant. There’s definitely nothing wrong with that, because it really can help you succeed. More often than not, once you rant, you get it off your chest and can get back on track.

Build Relationships With Others Losing Weight

My blog helped me build some relationships, especially at the start of my journey. Like any friendship or connection, many of them have disappeared and I’ve built up others. The best part, though, is that there is support from others.

Getting support is often the important part of making any weight loss plan work. You need to talk to others who may be going through similar situations—or have been there and found a way through. Not everyone has the support at home, and getting it from your blog will help you stay on track.

So, it could be time to start blogging about weight loss. It really does help people succeed, and it really helped me. There’s never a time that’s too late to start.

Do you already blog about your weight loss? Maybe you’re thinking about doing it. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments below.


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