Bonfire Night Weight Loss Tips: Weight Loss With a Bang!

Bonfire night is almost here. It’s a night for many friends and families to get together, have treats and watch the fireworks.

Among some of the favourites are hot chocolate (with cream and marshmallows, of course!), toffee apple, bonfire candy and hot dogs. It can seem almost impossible to see a Bonfire Night weight loss.

The good news is that it really is possible. With a bit of planning, tracking and motivation, you can get through the night. Here are my top tips for losing weight this Guy Fawkes Night.

Host the Party

If you host the firework party, you have a lot more control. It’s one of the reasons I used to always host, because it meant that I could control the food that was served, the desserts that were put out and where used fireworks went (there was a really bad experience with myself almost being burned because of a ‘friend’ throwing used fireworks into an open fire without me realising!).

When you host the party, think about the weight loss friendly treats that those not on diets will love. There are lots of fun ways to dress up fruit and vegetables, and you can still have crisps and treats. Just make sure they’re healthier options. On Weight Watchers, I tend to stick to French Fries crisps and Celebrations chocolates. I know there are 2pp in a packet of French Fries and 2pp per sweet in Celebrations, so I can keep track.

If you can’t host the party, ask if you can bring anything to help. I tend to take over treats or diet pop if I’m not hosting to help control something that I’m going to have.

Plan Your Meal Ahead

Not all parties will have meals but only sweet treats. If that’s the case, it’s really important to be prepared. If you are having a meal, find out what food will be on offer so you can plan.

My Bonfire Parties tend to have pies and mushy peas because that’s the traditional Yorkshire dish. In fact, my husband loves when Bonfire Night rolls around now because he knows that will be dinner. It’s higher in pro points but so worth it when it comes to the end of the night. I find it warm and filling.

And the most important thing is that I’ve planned for that during the day. I have a lower pro pointed lunch and breakfast to save myself for the night.

Planning is the best way to see a Bonfire Night weight loss. You can even plan to have room for any drinks and treats after the fireworks.

Get Some Activity In

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Why not have some games going on through the night? These can be great for entertainment and earning activity pro points. This is great for when it comes to going over your daily and weekly budgets and needing a little help to get back on track.

I always have my pedometer or FitBit on whenever I go out. It doesn’t matter where I’m going. In fact, I have a wedding coming up and I’ll be wearing my FitBit to track all my moves. I’ve managed to see weight losses at weddings and Christmas parties because of this.

Alternate Your Drinks

If you’re setting off the fireworks, I always say don’t have alcohol until you’ve finished. Drink and gunpowder do not mix!

I know you don’t need telling that always hear of at least one horror story when it comes to Bonfire Night!

So, now that I’ve gotten that out of the way, it’s time to stay on track and lose weight when alcohol is in the way. Try to alternate your drinks, so you have a soft drink follow every alcoholic drink you have. It makes your drinks last longer and you get to enjoy the night more.

I’ve done this multiple times while out, and it really helps me remember the whole night. I love waking up feeling much more refreshed than I would have done if all my drinks were alcoholic ones, and I usually spend a lot less money.

There are chances that you’ll find tracking the amount you’ve drank during the night. Keep a reminder. I use straws for my spirit drinks while out. This is harder with a house party because you can’t always measure out your alcohol shots exactly. I do have shot glasses in the house to help with this but not everyone does.

You’ll find something that works for you. It could be keeping some sort of tally on your phone or taking photos of each of your drinks.

You can stay on track and lose weight this Firework Night. It’s time to see your weight loss off with a bang by staying in control. Hopefully my Bonfire Night weight loss tips will help you this year.


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