4 Tips for Managing the Halloween Treats

It’s October and Halloween is just around the corner. That means one thing: sweets!

You know that your house is going to be full of them for the trick or treaters you get to your door. It’s always hard to determine just how many you should have, but it doesn’t stop the chocolates and cakes from being tempting.

The good news is Halloween treats don’t have to ruin your weight loss efforts. You can manage them and even see a weight loss during this period.

Here are my four top tips for managing the Halloween treats this year.

Limit the Amount You Buy

Think about the amount of people you had at your door last year. Chances are—unless you moved!—the numbers will be about the same. So, buy your treats with those numbers in mind.

Be realistic. If you bought two bags last year and had a bag left over, you know you just need the one. If you had half a bag, you might still want to consider getting the two. Follow the rest of the Halloween weight loss tips to avoid problems afterwards.

Cutting back on the amount you buy will mean less in the house to get rid of afterwards.

If you’re worried about having leftovers by the end of the night, give everyone two lots of treats.

Put Leftovers in the Freezer

Chocolate is great once it’s been in the freezer. It’s solid and takes longer to eat, so there are chances that you will eat less. On top of that, it’s out of sight since you’re not in the freezer as much as you are the fridge.

So, it’s time to put those leftover bags in the freezer. Get them out of the way and make them last longer.

This is especially beneficial for the chocolate with caramel, because that takes so much longer to eat when ice cold.

Melt It Down and Bake

If the freezer trick doesn’t work, then what about melting it down and baking? This is one of my favorite tips for managing the Halloween treats because I can get rid of so much chocolate in one go.

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But then you have your baked goods, right? Well, what about sending out cakes to your kids’ schools, taking them along to a mother and toddler group or even taking them along to work for others to eat. Think about how you can get it out of your house!

I take some into my daughter’s nursery if I’ve made way too much to something. The kids love it. I do stick to very basic recipes if I’m going to do that and avoid nuts or anything that could be linked to common allergies. I can also take some stuff to my Weight Watchers members if they’re low in pro-points for them.

Sometimes, there’s just enough for everyone in the house. My husband loves muffins and cupcakes, so they don’t tend to last long in this house!

Betty Crocker has lots of Halloween-themed treats to make to keep to the holiday spirit for a few days.

Split the Up to Eat

Give yourself a daily allowance of chocolates from the leftovers. We usually buy the large sharer bags with the funsize buttons, mars bars etc. and my limit is one per day when they’re in the house. This is great because I still get my Halloween treats but also get my weight loss. Most of the funsize bars are 2-3 pro-points.

It doesn’t really matter what chocolate you can have. You can split them up into smaller allotments with freezer bags. Keep them at a manageable amount for your weight loss and then stick to that one per day.

The benefit of this is you’re not stopping yourself completely. You’re saying not right now to the rest, making them last.

It will take some willpower. That’s worth it, right, when you know you’ll see a weight loss next week?

It’s time to make the most of managing your Halloween treats. You can’t stop Halloween and do you really want to be that house kids know there’s no point going to on such a fun night just because the treats in the house are difficult to manage? Take control and have fun!


  1. I like your tips.My motto is sharing is caring so when it comes to sweet treats I always take them to work or family.I like the idea of freezing chocs.


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