Why You Need to Eat Everything in Moderation

When losing weight, many people start cutting out foods. I can’t tell you the amount of times I’ve had someone look at me in awe when I’ve tucked into a dessert and then heard them ask me whether I can eat it.

Weight Watchers doesn’t cut anything out completely. It’s all about eating food in moderation. This means you can eat everything in moderation, whether it’s fruit and veg or you’re really craving that bar of chocolate in the fridge. Nothing is banned on the diet, and I don’t believe any diet should ban anything.

Of course, it’s all about making healthy choices, but that chocolate bar once a week isn’t going to do you much harm. In fact, it will be good for you. Here’s why you should eat everything in moderation.

There’s Such a Thing as Too Much of One Thing

Sticking to salad every single day will get boring. Yes, you can have too much of it. While it may not do you much harm health-wise, it will do some damage mentally. You’ll start resenting the food you eat, and that causes people to binge.

There have been various studies completed that show too much of something is bad for you, healthy or not. You get bored and start to look for variety. If you stop yourself from having variety, you’ll feel bad about the food you’re eating because you just don’t want it any more.

Even your favourite food can become boring if you eat too much of it!

Cut Down on the Sugar and Salt

Some food is full of sugar and salt, and both are these are bad for you when you eat too much of them. Yes, your body needs some of everything, but only in moderation.

There’s that word again!

If you start eating the desserts and the treats in moderation, you automatically start cutting down on the salt and sugar in your diets. You’re automatically helping your body protect itself from the side effects of too much of them. 

You’ll Have More Energy

As mentioned, you need a mixture of food groups. Salt is required by the body in small amounts, because it helps to reduce muscle cramps. Carbohydrates help to give the body the energy it needs, while fibre aids the digestive system. Even fats are good for you, as long as you choose the right ones!

By getting a good balance, you have more energy to do things. You’ll want to exercise more, and this will boost your preference to follow a healthy and balanced diet. Just getting on with your daily tasks won’t seem that hard.

Weight Loss Becomes Easier

Following a plan where you eat everything in moderation will help your weight loss. It becomes easier, because you enjoy the food you’re eating. You don’t feel deprived, and feel good about making healthier choices.

Moaning about not having that piece of cake is a thing of the past. Blowing your diet because you’ve given into a week-long craving doesn’t happen. You know you’ll be allowed something, but it’s up to you to plan when to have it; to choose when it right for your particular lifestyle.

By choosing to eat everything in moderation, you’re helping yourself in many ways. Stop cutting foods out of your diet! Focus on a healthy and balanced one, even having that chocolate now and then.


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