3 Tips to Be More Positive

Did you know that your thoughts and feelings affect your weight loss? That probably isn’t a surprise to many of you.

Emotional eating is a problem. Whether you’re upset, angry or stressed, it’s really easy to give in to cravings for junk food. While the cravings may not disappear, just being more positive in your life could help you curb giving into those temptations.

Being more positive will help you in other ways too, which will also help your weight loss. Here are 3 tips to be more positive in your life.

Find the Silver Lining

Focusing on the negative problem isn’t going to do you any good. It just makes you feel worse, and you’re more likely to give into those negative callings.

It’s time to find the silver lining.

So your car has broken down. It might mean more money spent, but it also means you get out walking more. So, the scales said you’d gained a pound. What are other’s saying about your shape and how far have you come already? What exercise did you do this week and how have your dress sizes changed?

Focusing on something positive and avoid undoing all the good you’ve done so far.

Some successful people actually have a book to write down positive and negative thoughts. They use red pen to write out the bad feelings and then under that combat with a positive outcome.

Get Out and Exercise More

Exercise helps to boost your mood. I can personally vouch for this. Whenever I feel stressed or annoyed, 30 minutes in the pool or an hour in the gym has always helped me feel better about myself.

Try exercising more. The colder nights are drawing in right now, but that doesn’t mean all exercise has to come to a halt. Pick up home workouts or invest in a gym (just make sure you go). You’ll be surprised at how much more positive you feel.

By doing more exercise, you’ll also want to avoid eating or drinking the unhealthy stuff. You don’t want to undo all the good work you’ve just done!

Exercise is recommended to those who suffer from depression and anxiety. It’s also great for the overall health.

Be Grateful for the Things You Have

There are plenty of people out there who don’t even have a roof over their head. Instead of focusing on the stuff you don’t have or don’t think you can achieve, be grateful for the things that you do have. They could be things you take for granted or big things that have happened in your life.

Some of the most successful people start the day by being grateful for 10 things in their life. Others like to focus on 10 things throughout the day, and will put a coin in a jar each time they are grateful for something.

You’ll soon realize that things aren’t as bad as they seem. And then the more positive you are, the more determine you will be.

It’s about time you got yourself in the right mindset. Being positive is the mindset you want when it comes to weight loss. You will find it much easier to achieve.


  1. Great article it's always nice to read articles about posting thinking we don't try hard enough to get rid if negative issues that's why they linger what ever is bothering you, is bothering you because your allowing to do so. Great post keep up the positivity


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