How to Use More Pro-Points Without Eating More

When you join Weight Watchers, you get a pro-points allowance. The more you weigh, the taller you are, the younger you are and if you’re male, you’re going to have a higher allowance.

This can seem great at first, but then it comes to trying to eat all your allowance. Just how to do you do it, without having to eat too much? What do you do when you have pro-points left over and you’re just stuffed?

It happens. It doesn’t mean it has to be a problem. Here are my top tips to manage this.

Switch to Filling and Healthy

Remember that Weight Watchers has a Filling and Healthy plan. Some members with higher pro-points allowances find that opting for this approach is better for them.

You just have to eat until you’re comfortably full. The best part is you focus on foods that are not just filling and delicious, but they’re healthier for you. They’re full of the nutrients you need.

I love the Filling and Healthy plan, and many members tell me it’s great for their Sunday roast and staying on track over Christmas!

Switch to Higher Pro-Pointed Versions

When you start a diet, you may be tempted to switch to all the low-fat options. These tend to be lower in pro-points values, and is great when you don’t have many pro-points to play with.

Instead of eating more, why not switch to the higher pro-pointed items? You get to enjoy without overindulging. When it comes to your pro-points dropping (and they will), you won’t have to cut out too much. You just switch back to the low-fat options.

Make Sure You’re Tracking Correctly

One thing I do want to mention is to make sure you’re tracking correctly. It can be easy to start assuming or guestimating, especially after following the plan for some time.

If you find that you’re not losing but don’t meet your allowance, go back to your books and check your tracker. How many times did you really weigh out your portions? How many times did you check the values before writing them down? 

You may be eating more than you think.

Enjoy a Wee Treat

There’s nothing wrong with having a treat now and then. This could be a great way to end your night and eat more of your pro-points.

Okay, so you are eating more, but it could be on something that you’ve not allowed yourself up until now.

If you don’t want to eat something, why not drink it? There are some delicious hot chocolates and specialised coffees. You could add whipped cream and marshmallows, which you would usually avoid. 

You don’t always need to eat more because you have more pro-points left over. It’s all about making smart choices. Consider if any of the options above will work for you, and start making the most of your pro-points allowance and enjoy the Weight Watchers plan.


  1. Hi Lexi, if WW has its own blog, you could consider also guest posting for them. It would be a great way to spread awareness about your and your blog. (And hopefully bring some of their readers to you!)

    1. I've often tried to get pieces into the WW Magazine but nothing has come about it. They have a full team of writers in their head office, so it wouldn't happen. I am a WW leader, though, so that helps. I get to post on numerous WW FB pages :)


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