Those Crash Diets Aren't Healthy! Don't Waste Your Time!

I recently saw a message on Facebook from a friend who was asking about some new diet. Her friends were commenting saying how it was some new milkshake diet that costs £100 (don't know how often) and that the person is limited to two milkshakes a day...and NOTHING else!

I couldn't believe it when I was reading it. And people were recommending it to her.

And I'm ashamed to admit that it wasn't just that that I couldn't believe. I used to follow these crash faddy diets. I would lose a lot of weigh in a short space of time and then just pile it ALL back on and even more.

Seeing that there are still people close to me who are following fad diets, I realize that there are still plenty of people around the world thinking they work. They don't. They're not healthy. And I don't want you wasting your time on them.

Why Crash Diets Don't Work

Crash diets get you to restrict your food intake considerably. You cut out so much that it's all you think about, and it really isn't sustainable. I was hearing of people on this milkshake diet saying they were starving.

You know, I've never felt hungry while on the Weight Watchers plan, except for when it's coming up to meals or when I've forgotten to eat (it happens when really busy). I've still lost weight and I'm at a stage of keeping it off.

Another reason why crash diets don't work is you don't learn about food. You spend all this time focusing on big weight losses each week, that you forget about changing your eating habits. When you go back to eating normally, you go back to the junk and the food that got you to the size you were. All that weight--and often more--just piles back on.

Crash Diets Aren't Healthy

It's not healthy to keep losing weight and then putting it back on. Why are you putting yourself through all this?

They don't teach you new, healthy habits, and the restrictions cause your metabolism to slow down. That means you can't eat as many calories as you used to do without gaining weight.

The diets don't teach you about a healthy lifestyle either. Very few have exercise in (you don't have enough energy during the day to do any exercise) and they don't help you find ways to include all the necessary food groups. Yes, your body needs carbs and fats. You need to find out which types of carbs and fats you need.

Don't Waste Your Time on Crash Diets

Please get out of the mindset that crash diets are something that work. I understand it's hard. It took me a while to get out of that mindset. It was a friend who introduced me to Weight Watchers and my mum who said that it worked for her when she followed it. And it really does!

Don't believe me? I've included my weekly weight losses to show you that it does but I'm going to show you my before and after photos. These aren't the doctored, well placed photos. These are photos from two different time periods: my wedding when I was unhappy with my weight and when I met Patsy Kensit just before I reached my goal weight (I was about five pounds off).


I'm going to take a better one over the next few days and I'll share that to show you the full length. But I think you can really tell in my face that Weight Watchers works.

Yes, it's a slow weight loss but that's what you want. You have the time to learn new habits, change to those habits and focus on a healthy diet. Your relationship with food completely changes for the better. Your weight loss, whether big or small, stays off! I've spoken to people who have been at goal for decades thanks to the plan.

You don't need crash diets. They aren't healthy and they don't work. Please don't waste your time or money on them.

Do you follow crash diets or found ones that promise weight loss and fail? Please feel free to share the ones you've followed and want people to stay away from. Or share your story about weight loss in the comments below.


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