How Technology Helps My Weight Loss

The Wii Fit keeps me losing weight

I never thought I’d say it, but technology helps my weight loss. No, I don’t sit in front of the TV all day and there are negative sides to my computer use, but there are bits of technology that have been really helpful over the last year and three months.

My Weight Watchers App Goes Everywhere

The most helpful part has been my iPhone and now my Android phone. I put the Weight Watchers app on both, so it would go everywhere with me. I could check the points calculation of foods while in the store or track my points from a restaurant without trying to remember everything at home.

If I couldn’t get the app working for any reason, the phone would come in handy. I can take photos with it and make notes of the food that I’ve had. It’s so much better than carrying everything around with me, like the Eat Out guide or my Tracker. If I can’t find the food I need, I’ll go on social media and get in touch with my leader.

Social Media There When I Need It

My willpower is relatively strong but I’ve had some bad days. During those days, I don’t think I’d have coped so well without technology. Being a work from home mum is quite isolating and it can be difficult to get out between orders and my daughter’s naptime, so social media is my chance to rant or escape.

I’ve used social media a lot over the last 12 months to stay on track with my diet. We have nightly check-ins to share how we’ve done during the day and there are Facebook groups to share inspiration, ask for advice and share tips. Even text messaging has been great to put the chocolate down and find something else to do!

I Love the Wii Fit!

The Wii Fit is by far my favourite form of exercise at the moment, with Zumba for the Nintendo a close second. Unfortunately, getting down to the swimming pool or out for a run is difficult at the moment. We just can’t find a time that suits all of us (we need someone there to look after our daughter).

I love the fact that I can set up a workout routine on the Wii Fit. I can choose which areas of my body to work on for the day, and do something different by selecting separate games if I do get tired.

One thing I have learnt is not to weigh myself on the thing! On the actual Wii Fit it says I’m 8lbs lighter than I really am! The scales setting on the board is just 1lb out, so I can just about deal with that.

Even though I love technology for my weight loss, I know that it can be bad. I’ll cover some of those negatives in a later post, with tips to fight them off.

Do you have any technology that helps your weight loss? Feel free to share them in the comments below!

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