You Can Have Your Cake and Eat It Too When Dieting!

Dieting isn’t about skipping foods. Losing weight isn’t about foregoing all your favourite treats.

You really can have your cake and eat it when dieting!

What? I hear you shout. How can I still eat cake and lose weight? The truth is it is all about portion control. It’s about eating everything in moderation (and that includes the good stuff).

Here are my tips to help you have your cake and enjoy it while losing weight.

Don’t Buy the Big Ones

Buy the individual slices if you are going to have cake. This stops you from being tempted to have the rest of it. If it’s there you’re going to want it, right? You’re going to give in!

If you get the little cakes, you’ll be able to enjoy the delicious goodness.

But what about cookies, biscuits and other treats? They usually come in big packets and it makes it harder. This is where you need to learn some self control and keep them out of reach! Put them in a biscuit tin and only take one or two at a time. Sit down to eat them and you’ll be less likely to go back and get more!

Make Your Own Cakes and Cookies!

Why buy the store ones? They’re full of fat, sugars and calories that you don’t need! You’ll get more gratification from something that you make yourself.

It doesn’t have to be a big cake or anything adventurous. Start off small with biscuits, cookies and muffins and work your way up. There are many great ideas to get you started. You can have fun decorating them and creating different flavours to work to your tastes.

Freeze the Treats

Something that I do with chocolate and some treats is put them in the freezer. It takes me longer to eat them and I’m less likely to have the whole packet. This is great with Haribo!

I really recommend this since you’re likely to only take a couple out of the freezer to eat instead of the whole packet. They’re also more refreshing. You can do it with all types of treats, including cakes (although you’ll have to wait for them to defrost to enjoy!).

See, you can have your cake and eat it too. It’s all about moderation. If you tell yourself you can’t have something, you’ll just want it more, so tell yourself you can have a bit at a time. You’ll soon lose weight without feeling you’ve missed out!

How are you finding your weight loss? Do you make your own cookies and cakes or do you use other tricks to have your cake and eat it too? Share in the comments below!


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