Weekly Weight Loss Week 39

This week I jumped on the scales and lost 2lbs. That's the weight gain from last week off plus a little extra. You can read more about it here:


This week's goal is to lose 2.5lb. I really want to get to that 3 stone mark. I reckon I'll lose 2lb and be 1/2lb off as that is usually the case but we'll see.

I've really upped my activity at the moment. I've managed an hour on the Wii Fit Wednesday and Thursday night. I'm still to finish work today but should get another hour done once my daughter is in bed! I'm really pushing for this goal...

Oh, after my 3 stone, I'll be 3.5lbs off being at a healthy BMI!!! That will be a major accomplishment and I will hopefully see it within the next month.


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