Do Appetite Suppressants for Weight Loss Really Work?

I do a lot of writing about weight loss. Not just on my blog; I do it for private clients. A topic that regularly comes up is appetite suppressants for weight loss.

I’ve often wondered whether they really work and have done my own research into them. I’m not just interested in how quickly someone can lose weight with them but how healthy that weight loss is; and whether it is possible to keep it off afterwards!

As Part of a Healthy and Balanced Diet

No company that makes appetite suppressants for weight loss claim that they’re all you need to lose weight. When you read the fine print, it always says to be used as part of a healthy and balanced diet.

This is really important to point out. If you don’t follow a healthy diet, even suppressing the appetite won’t help completely. You will still eat things that are bad for you and still risk eating too many calories.

It also isn’t healthy to not follow a balanced diet. The appetite suppressants work by making you feel less hungry. However, you still need to choose foods that are going to give your body all the calories and nutrients it needs. You need to choose proteins, good carbohydrates, fruit, vegetables and fibre to live a healthy life.

Still Need to Get Exercise

You can’t expect appetite suppressants for weight loss to work if you’re not willing to put some effort in. As well as a healthy diet, you need to follow a good exercise programme.

This doesn’t have to be something you hate. I always recommend finding an activity that you enjoy, whether it is running around a park, swimming in your local pool or playing tennis with friends. Doing something you enjoy will help you stick to it for longer and get more benefit out of it.

Those who diet and follow an exercise regime are able to lose much more weight than those who do one or the other.

Check the Ingredients

You need to know how the pills work to suppress your appetite. There are some made from natural ingredients and are relatively good for you; however, there are others that are full of chemicals that cause hormone imbalances and other issues.

Always read the ingredients of your appetite suppressants for weight loss to make sure they give you the long lasting benefits. You don’t want to reach your goal weight to find out that you are now unhealthy in other ways because of the pills.

So, do appetite suppressants for weight loss really work? It all depends on how you use them. They can be beneficial, but they work best when used as part of a healthy and balanced diet and a good lifestyle.


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