Why Losing Weight Fast Is Bad for You

I’ve noticed many people recently being happy that they are losing 3lbs+ on a regular basis. While every once in a while it will not do too much harm, losing that amount of weight on a regular basis is bad for you. It is better to lose between 1lb and 2lb per week. But why is that the case? Why is losing weight fast bad for you?

You Won’t Change Your Habits When Losing Weight Fast

The downside of losing weight quickly is that you fail to change your normal eating habits; you simply make a couple of changes for the short term. While you may lose weight, it is harder to stick to and you will find that you gain it back just as quickly, if not gain more weight! You need to make changes to your diet to lose weight successfully and keep it off. Yo-yo dieting is bad for you since you never completely reduce your risk of cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure and other risks of obesity.

Cut Out Important Nutrients with Fad Diets

Crash diets lead you to losing out on nutrients. Your body needs carbs and fat just as much as protein and fibre; it is all about choosing the healthier options of the lot. Diets that cut out a certain food group for a short space of time will lead to deficiencies in nutrients that come from those food groups, including vitamin A, vitamin C and Zinc.

You Lose Muscle Not Fat

When losing weight quickly, you end up burning muscle instead of fat. This isn’t the way that you want to lose weight since it doesn’t actually tackle your overweight issue. Losing weight slowly means that you burn the fat away and continue to build the muscle, so you live healthier afterwards. Even if you do exercise with your weight loss, you will still burn muscle by losing weight fast as your body prefers it over fat.

Your Metabolism Will Slow Down

Whether you starve your body of food or do too much exercise, by losing weight quickly, you risk your metabolism slowing down. Your body goes into starvation mode to keep the energy that it needs for the future. It is hard to improve the metabolism once you allow it to slow down.

Look after yourself. Losing weight quickly is not important – losing weight slowly is better for your health. You may think that you want to look good and fit into those size 8 jeans but do you really want to risk your own health and the fact that you will find it harder to keep the weight off? Change your habits and allow yourself to lose weight healthily. 1lb-2lb per week is an excellent amount. More than that every now and again isn’t too bad – I’ve lost more than that the odd week or two – but you should find that you average out at 1lb-2lb per week.


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