Weekly Weight Loss

I lost 2.5lbs this week - that's my Christmas weight plus more off! I'm 1/2lb away from my 10% target and 1lb away from losing 1.5 stone! Next week will hopefully be my big weight loss week - I can only hope.

What I Did This Week

Well, I'm back on track this week. I made sure that I wrote everything down that I ate and was sensible with my snacking. We did receive a box of shortbread biscuits from some friends as a late Christmas present but I've been really good at only having one per day - usually with my morning coffee break. I know that if I tell myself I'm not allowed something, then I'll just want it even more.

What Will I Do Next Week?

Next week is more tracking and more activity. I really want to get at least that 1/2lb but would prefer the full pound. All I can do is keep going the way I have been - it seems to be working well!

I started wondering this week why it has been so much easier for me to lose weight this time, when I've tried Weight Watchers three times in the past and never lost so much weight - the first time I did almost get to my goal weight but it was a struggle to get there and the second time I just seemed to keep fluctuating. The third time I found out that I was pregnant, which is why I was putting weight on each week!

I've decided that this time it is because I really want to get to my goal weight. I have a husband who is supporting me every step of the way and I like the way that I have changed over the last three and a half months. That desire is really pushing me to eat well and stay on track every week - and pushed me to do as well as possible over Christmas.

How are you doing with your weight loss? Are you struggling or finding it really easy? Whether you are on Weight Watchers, Slimming World or another dieting program, I want to hear from you! Good luck!


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