Simple Steps to Lose Weight this New Year

Lose Weight this New Year. Image by Porto Bay Hotels & Resort Events

Do you want this New Year to be the one where you lose weight? You can do it! Stop thinking about it as one long journey as it will stop you from losing weight. Take it one step at a time with these easy simple ones. You will soon find that you look and feel the best you have in years!

Make Small Changes

Only make small changes on a regular basis. For example, one week work on cutting out high fat foods and eating the healthy stuff; the next week, start walking more or doing extra activity. If you make small changes, you are less likely to notice it, which means that you stick to it longer. The small changes become a habit and soon you will do them all without even thinking about it. Shocking your system into one big change will lead to you resenting yourself for it and you won’t lose weight this New Year.

Drink More Liquids

Whether it is water, tea or squash, you need to drink more! Your body needs more water than food but will give you hunger signs when really all you want is a drink. Before you snack, have a pint of water or a cup of coffee to see whether that is all you needed. If you take the drink with you into another room, you will also more likely avoid the snacks as it will mean moving again to get something – and humans are lazy by nature!

Park Away from Work – or Walk!

When driving to work, park in a bay that is further away from the door. Yes, this means that you could get wet in the winter but it will mean that you move around more. Take the stairs instead of the lift when you are inside the building. If you can, why not walk to work? It may take you longer but you will feel better throughout the week and more alert during the day as you gain the fresh air.

Simple changes will help you lose weight this year. Make small changes at first and make news one on a regular basis. They soon become habit and you will lose weight quickly and keep it off!


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