Weekly Weight Loss Week 8

Week eight of my weight loss brought some surprising results. I lost 1/2lb.

Why is that surprising? I honestly thought I was going to put on weight after the week I've had so just staying the same would have been good; losing just 1/2lb is excellent for me. However, it has put on a lot of pressure to lose 1.5 stone from where I started by Christmas.

What Did I Do This Week?

I have to admit that this week was a stressful one and I eat when I'm stressed. I attempted to keep my snacking to healthy options but there were times when only chocolate would do. However, I made sure that everything was tracked so I knew how badly I did.

I kept the exercise up this week and got out more with my daughter. The Pedometre Plus is great to show me how much moving around I actually do - surprisingly much more than I thought, especially with the running up and down stairs.

What I Will Do Next Week?

Next week (well, more like this week now!) I will keep on tracking and not rely on comfort foods when I have a stressful day. So have I have been good. I've dipped into my weekly points every day but I've pointed everything I've eaten and made sure that I do not blow my allowance. Today is probably the only day that I will not dip into my weekly points after choosing lower pointed food and going back to having fruit and yogurt for my breakfast.

I will also get out more (when the weather is nice!) and do more exercise. The Wii Fit has been on most days and I've been out with the pushchair two days, easily building up my Activity ProPoints. This has given me more leeway if I do end up eating a little too much but if I don't dip into them it will help me lose weight quickly.

How is your weight loss going? Good luck to all those who have goals for Christmas. I have a wedding to go to on the 15th of next month and will be shopping for a new dress soon, so hopefully I'll be in a size smaller than some of the ones in my wardrobe!


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