Weekly Weight Loss Week 7

I'm a little confused how I'm on week 7 when my Weight Watchers book says week 8 - I must have missed a week somewhere. If so, I'm sorry! I'll stay on track for now.

This week I lost 2.5lbs!!! While the weight loss is great, I'm more excited at the fact that I've reached my second goal - losing 5% of my initial weight. I'm going to include a post on the benefits of losing 5% of your initial weight later this week.

How Did I Do It?

Instead of focusing on the benefits of losing the weight, let's talk about how I managed to get there. By the way, my total weight loss is 12lbs so far!

I tracked everything that I ate - including the takeaways and the chocolate - and did more exercise. The Wii Fit has been pulled out and I do it as much as I can. It's not a lot (two or three times a week) but at least it is a start. I'm having fun with it too. My Zumba disk will be pulled out later today, providing that the wee one decides to take her naps when she needs them!

We've also started to encourage nap time to be in the cot upstairs. I put my daughter in her cot, even though she's awake and leave her with her music playing. It means a few trips up and down the stairs through the day, especially when she decides that she wants to fight her sleep, but there is a benefit of running up and down the stairs a lot.

Just the tiniest bit of extra activity helps to burn the calories. I've got a Weight Watchers Pedometer Plus too, which now counts my steps and the amount of activity points I earn throughout the day.

What to Do This Week

Ok, I've actually posted this a little later than usual so it should be what I've been doing this week. Again, it's all about tracking and increasing my goal weight.

I've developed a new goal to work towards. Since Christmas is 6 weeks away (or was on Tuesday when I had my weigh-in) I've decided that I want to lost a stone and a half from my initial weight. I'm 12lbs in so I want to lose another 9lbs in the six weeks. That is possible and I should be able to complete it in the six weeks. it works out to be between 1lb and 1.5lbs per week.

How are you doing with your weight loss? Hopefully you are seeing the results that you have wanted to and are on your way to reaching your goals.

Good luck and keep going!


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